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Atkins & Langford Development s.r.o. was established in 1992 by its parent company Federal S.A. based in Paris. Over years of experience both companies have implemented more than 50 projects focusing mainly on residential construction, land-use planning and renovation of historic buildings.

In the course of its operations, Federal S.A. has built more than 40 residential projects. This represents the volume of approximately 2,000 flats built mainly in the Île-de-France and Paris regions. Founded in 1990’s, Atkins & Langford Development s.r.o has engaged primarily in restoration and renovation of national cultural heritage sites and cultural monuments as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In most cases, the role of Atkins & Langford Development s.r.o is that of a developer and an investor. We embrace a wide array of residential construction projects ranging from social and collective housing to villas, detached houses, lofts, duplex flats etc. We have a wealth of experience in restoration and renovation of both historic buildings and industrial facilities, addressing issues of troubled regions or areas with the aim to turn them into functional housing estates. We often work in close cooperation with municipalities and regional governments.

We have expanded our services and now cooperate with municipalities in the area of property unification to allow for the future development of residential construction.  This has already produced positive results. For example the project in Choisy-le-Roi, situated between the banks of the River Seine and the District Park, allowed for 250 houses to be built on 2 ha of land in the former industrial area. A number of other projects were successfully completed in partnership with municipalities, namely the Magny-le-Horne/Marne-la-Vallé project comprising 130 houses and flats. Luxury villas with an adjacent golf course on the outskirts of the town have been built as a part of the Cergy-Pontoise project. Similarly, 90 villas have been designed in Luzarches, situated in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and next to a golf course.

We also take part in the organisation and funding of infrastructure for the given area. We work together with administrators of affordable housing portfolios making sure to maintain the diversification of social groups within each implemented project, such as in Val-d'Oise, Val-de-Marne and also in Sablière.

The Malá Šárka project was one of our pilot projects: a construction of the International School of Prague for the American Embassy situated on 12 ha of land. The project also included the construction of 157 villas for foreign clientèle and management of multinational companies. This project is still regarded as the first of the kind in the Czech Republic.

The Villa Bianca project combined renovation of a historic building and construction of new buildings, resulting in the complex of about 80 luxury flats in Prague 6. The project was implemented in cooperation with ING Real Estate. Among other projects are renovations of cultural monuments for different purposes, such as the Klein Palace in Brno which has been turned into Credit Lyonnais headquarters.

We have also conducted several urban studies in Central Europe, namely in Poland and Serbia.

In 1990’s, Atkins & Langford Development s.r.o established partnerships with several real estate owners in the Czech Republic, among them the family of Prince Karel Schwarzenberg.

We’ve also had long-term cooperation with the Czech Red Cross. As a part of this cooperation we are designing construction projects for social purposes.

For several years now, we have worked together with the Department of Geography and Urbanism at Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) where Mr Nigel S. Atkins teaches a class on urbanism. We also welcome the possibility of engaging students in consultations and preparations during the design phase of certain projects.